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This year, our office bearers are committed to ensuring our members receive more professional and social opportunities throughout the year. We are committed to helping the team host bigger and better events, obtaining more sponsors both professional and social, and more!




What are you looking forward to most this year? 

This year I am looking forward leading a great group of powerful women into WiB’s best year yet!


A huge dream you have for WIB?

A dream event would be a women in small business night, with maybe a showcase of art component.


Hobbies that seem out of character for you?

I might be a crystal girlie.



Prior to the annual general meeting both candidates prepared a trifold brochure
which highlights their goals they hope to achieve for Curtin Women In Business.


Why do you believe you would be a suitable candidate for a position as PRESIDENT of W.I.B

"During my time in WIB I have been an events coordinator and Vice President, through these roles I have learnt so many valuable skills and lessons.


Firstly, I have learnt the inter-workings of each existing department and each respective role. This has taught me how best to support, work alongside and empower each committee member to achieve all their relevant tasks and initiatives.


Secondly, I have learnt the specifics of working alongside other clubs and the Curtin Student Guild. This is something that can be very valuable to grow the club and take it further, in which I have learnt how to communicate with both entities and how to organise suitable arrangements.


Thirdly, I have developed my leadership skills further. To me leadership skills are skills that never stop developing, with each new team, committee and person ones leadership style has to mould to the current situation.


I aim and aspire to be a leader that is diplomatic, compassionate, takes initiative and makes every member of my team feel welcome, respected and in a safe environment.


Lastly, some other aspects I believe I can bring to the role as president of WIB are; an organised approach to working, lots of new and exciting initiatives, a committed work ethic to grow WIB to its full potential and lots of love and fun!"

- Claire Henthorn


Why do you believe you would be a suitable candidate for a position as VICE PRESIDENT of W.I.B


"I believe I would be suitable for the role of Vice President as my time in WIB has shown me the potential of what the club can achieve and I am confident I can lead the team into achieving its best potential.


As a previous secretary for at least a year and a half for wib, I have familiarised myself with the procedures and how the team collaborates. I believe with this prior knowledge I can help lead the team to a club that everyone is proud of. A club that advocates for connections, empowerment and support for everyone.


I believe with my assisting leadership, I can provide the members with further amazing opportunities like internships, work experience, social and corporate sponsors to provide them with personal and professional insight into the industry and more! I also believe I can help guide the committee into reaching their fullest potential by challenging them and encouraging their creativity and ambition, not just to benefit the members but also for themselves and their own experience.


I plan on working along side the president to ensure the team is collaborative and communicative with everything and although it all seems business as usual, I also want to stand as a middle person that the members and committee can reach for any further advice or assistance. I want to make sure everyone enjoys their time in the wib committee and as a member.


Furthermore, I would plan to ensure that every committee member’s efforts are appreciated, acknowledged and nurtured. I believe everyone’s potential should be recognised and I think a great VP should also ensure that the potential is not wasted, but rather encouraged and pushed further to achieve greatness. I believe with my highly organisational and enthusiastic attitude, I can contribute to making WIB a powerhouse for women in business!"

- Angela Pua

Why do you believe you would be a suitable candidate for a position as SECRETARY of W.I.B


"WIB was the very first club I joined when I first started at Curtin University. Ever since my first day of signing up I have been eager to get more involved with WIB within a professional capacity as opposed to purely social.


At the start of semester two in 2021 I was given the privilege to finally pursue my goal of becoming more involved with WIB and joined as an interim Secretary. I believe I would be a suitable candidate for a position as Office Bearer due to my current experience working within the WIB committee.


Although my time with WIB hasn't been overly long, I believe I have gained enough exposure to know what is expected of me and to know how I can improve if I am elected. I believe my drive to help the club and its members succeed will be a great benefit to an already amazing club."

- Tasmin Cilliers

Why do you believe you would be a suitable candidate for a position as TREASURER of W.I.B

"I believe I would be a suitable candidate for the treasurer of women in business as I have a strong compassion for the club, our community and find enjoyment in organising, financially planning and budgeting projects.


I have been a member of WIB since the beginning of my first year (2021) and hope to continue my involvement in our events and activities throughout the rest of my course.


I love the connection our club has with each other, especially the committee and hope to bring my skills towards creating more interactions as a club, like the Varsity Burger Quiz Nights last semester."

- Briahna Wood

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