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Curtin University Women in Business is a women-run organisation established to be a strong platform for women empowerment in all areas of both social and professional development. Our vision is to empower the women of our time by providing a community that aims to inspire and encourage personal prosperity within each desired career. Curtin Women In Business strongly advocates for providing women with a seat at the table through hosting corporate level opportunities designed to educate and inform members on the industry and how they can strive.


We aspire to move for change in women's advancement and build a community that supports and connects women to opportunities.


Our organisation offers a range of events throughout the year that aim to educate and support our members in the advancement of their career. We offer events that introduce members to the corporate world and small business ventures, encourage their growth in profile building, and build their personal networks. We also offer social events for our members to form meaningful relationships and a sense of community both within University and the wider community.  These events offer a safe environment for any female or female identifying person wanting to build new friendships or talk to like minded individuals .


Are you interested in advancing your skills and learning more about the industry?

Do you want to be the first to get access to all of our many social and professional events?

Do you want a member's only discount to all of our many social and professional events?

Are you looking for professional opportunities but never know where to apply?

Are you interested in social issues like gender equity or sustainability?


If you answered yes to any of the above , sign up to become one of over 500 Wibbies! 

Being a member means you have access to a range of opportunities both social and professional. Our committee provide events throughout the year that members can attend to meet new people, learn new things and advance their portfolio. 

(Please note that if you are paying with Cash or using a Guild Voucher then contact us via email so that we can organise alternative payment)



Benefits as a committee member:

As a committee member, you have the opportunity to advance your skills in areas such as event management, public relations, social media management and creative marketing. You also have the chance to build leadership skills, professional communication, excel in creativity and help members build confidence in achieving their goals.


As a committee, you can build a close relationship with your team as you work together to provide valuable opportunities to members and yourselves. Being in committee holds a heavy amount of responsibility, however it builds character, advances your skills and knowledge, and hands on experience in a number of different fields. The university also acknowledges this level of volunteer experience by awarding a Curtin Extra certificate at the end of your degree. 

Benefits as a general member: 


Being a WIB member means you are exposed to a wide range of opportunities. These opportunities range from building your professional network through networking events, exclusive information on upcoming internships and work experience from our corporate sponsors, experience building through hands-on workshops and more.


As the club continues to grow and expands its network, members are offered more and more opportunities that will help them excel in their career and make the most of their university life. 

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