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Curtin University

Women in Business Organisation

It is with great pride and pleasure to welcome the members of the Women in Business community! As President for 2023, I am deeply humbled by the opportunity to work with and collaborate with the amazing WIB Committee.


Having been on the team since early 2020, I have been able to watch this organization grow into something we all could be proud of (as a committee, club member, part of the faculty, and the university). I think Women in Business represents a community of strong, like-minded, driven and ambitious women however I feel it also serves as an inspiration.

It has inspired me to push my boundaries in ways I would have never thought of.


It has been the most incredible experience to be a part of something like WIB which provides unique and creative opportunities to our members, many of whom I know as friends. It has always inspired and motivated me. As President, I plan to continue this and push the boundaries of WIB further. I think what makes WIB so great for me is being around ambitious people who create new and better opportunities for our members. The constant initiatives, new event ideas, internal and external opportunities, and building relationships are what make being a part of WIB so fulfilling.


This term, I plan to work diligently with the team in strengthening our relationship with members to provide opportunities aligned with their pathway effectively; lead the team in sustaining our professional relations, and advocate for women's progress both mentally and professionally.

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